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Device Security Tips for Small –Medium Business Owners There are 0 replies:
Device Security Tips for Small –Medium Business Owners Original post: Mon 1/27/2020 at 2:11 AM

Data security breach is one of the scariest situations to be in. Thankfully, the measures you can adopt to remain safe are affordable, easy, and jotted for you right here! MS Office Product Key


Refer to the checklist below to keep device security of your business in place.


Create privacy policies for mobile and non-mobile devices


  • Make an inventory of devices that you have.
  • Create separate policies, if required, for mobile devices and non-mobile hardware.
  • Make the policies realistic and transparent among all team members.
  • Ensure that everyone follows the policies and there are no misses.


For devices that your company owns, here’s what you need to do to prevent security breach instances. McAfee Activation Key


Have multiple software platforms for the devices


  • If it suits the policies of your organization, use different operating systems for the different devices that you have. This reduces the risk of entire data and device security breach even if one particular software platform is hacked. Also, different platforms offer different features – your members can explore the best of both the worlds.
  • Create different policies to cater to the different operating systems available such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, etc.


Invest in contemporary and relevant security solutions

  • Depending on the volume of data the devices will be stored with, install security solutions such as antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, Firewall protection, etc. Mcafee Internet Security Product Key
  • Automate the process of keeping these programs updated to avoid any security miss.


Keep encryption and passwords updated and intact


  • Encrypt sensitive data or at least shield it behind strong passwords that are difficult to decode. Take into account other security parameters that will sync your nature of business and volume and sensitivity of the data. This can include rules to automatically encrypt or wipe off data in case a particular device is reported as lost or misplaced.
  • Train your employees in handling data and device security and make them accountable for ensuring 100% success of this plan.


If your company allows BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) facility, you need to create and implement different policies as compared to the ones mentioned above. Enter Avg Activation Key Activate


  • Mention the devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. that an employee can bring to the office and the ones they aren’t expected to.
  • Create a log of the software they can install in their devices and clearly highlight the ones they should avoid configuring.Device Security Tips Small Medium Business Owners
  • Restrict the access to sensitive data on BYOD’s. If you should allow the privilege to a select few, ensure that it is not open to all.
  • You can also explore options such as splitting up a device for office and personal use.
  • Disconnect the employee from your network immediately after he has left the organization. You need to guard your data and not his/her device. Mcafee Livesafe Product Key
  • Make special rules for the access and use of VPNs on BYODs.
  • Don’t ever make an exception. Stick to the rules you have set at all times and encourage others as well. Penalize for misses.


Nothing compares to remaining alert. Be knowledgeable and share your awareness with your team regarding data and device security practices. Follow up regularly and stay safe! Enter Webroot Product Key Download

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