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False myths about study techniques Original post: Mon 11/5/2018 at 7:12 AM

At the time of studying "each teacher has his book". So, there are those who work better to study early in the morning, others in the silence of the night, others need to surround themselves with people in the same situation as they are in the study rooms of a residence ... But more than what we can sit well at the time of assimilating concepts, -something that we will discover throughout time and experience, as well as with the help of certain techniques such as what foods feel better- , we must keep in mind what we feel bad, what we It is counterproductive for us to arrive at the exam in perfect conditions. What are these myths about study techniques?


Study techniques for debate


Study of day vs. study at night


The eternal dilemma that is resolved as we feel more or less active at one time of the day or another. Those who study at night affirm that they do it because they prefer the silence and tranquility of these hours, which brings as extra benefits the fact that, according to the specialized portal Exam time,  in the very morning environment the creativity increases, which It allows you to assimilate concepts and achieve greater concentration.

Data that contrast with those collected by the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA), which points out that to study at night is totally effective, routines should be established that make us adapt to the new schedules and that, in no case , spend the night before the exam studying, as it would be counterproductive.

For all this, despite the fact that it brings remarkable advantages to those who prefer to study during the day, those who study at night find themselves with several handicaps (the difficulty of fitting their schedules with the rest of the routines) that they recommend to follow the natural schedules of those who choose the day.

As an extra data, studies from the Universidad Columbiana de Caldas, indicate the period from 8 to 10 in the morning as the most appropriate to study concepts of difficult assimilation.


Review concepts before the exam


There are few who prefer to give the last sprint on the campaign that starts the exam, claiming that in this way they have more fresh concepts.

While we cannot avoid at least a glance, those students who have rested correctly before the exam (from 7 to 8 hours of sleep) and come in a relaxed way to it, perform much more than those who have rushed the times until the end.

The dream is in charge of "fixing" the concepts, of increasing the retentiveness. Therefore, suppressing this process means suppressing the capacity for assimilation and that when the time to demonstrate knowledge, do not remember everything we could remember with a restful sleep.


Underline concepts


It is a classic that can be seen in every library during study periods: those students whose notes are a bathroom of fluorescent colors.

Although it is a practical way of making a large amount of information assimilable, according to the experts it is a totally counterproductive technique, since it makes us lose something as important for the study as it is the contextualization of the data.

For a correct study we must never miss the global approach, in which context each information is developed, something that if we only look at the underlined is almost completely lost.


Scheduled study schedules


Planning the day of study is perfect when it comes to establishing routines and accustoming our bodies to habit, but doing it through marathon hours and hours is another of the counterproductive factors.

Ideally, the study day is planned in so many that at least every hour, we take a short break, and under no circumstances, exceeds two hours without moving from the site.

Techniques to disconnect like the popular Pomodoro can be a good script for it: the important thing is that we feel able to resume the study as well as for when our body needs it (and not when we force it)


Relate concepts


Another of the favorite techniques of students, especially languages, is to relate concepts with images, sounds, other words, etc. This is the case for example to learn the meaning of carpet in English (carpet) through the image of a folder.

Although this mnemonic method is effective in the short term, in the long term it does not achieve results, leading even to confusion (that we believe that folder is carpet in English for example)


Keys to operating a study technique


In this article from the Residencia Sarrià what we have tried is, for those who look for an effective method to assimilate concepts, do not let yourself be guided by the generalities simply.

With this, we do not pretend that those who for example prefer the night, change their habits or are denied the effectiveness of their system, but that each one finds the one that works best without ever losing the following vital aspects for the study:

Sleep the night before

Follow some fixed routines so that the mind gets used

Get to the relaxed exam

Do not discard contextualisations

Do not start studying the days before the exam


Do sport, take a healthy and balanced diet , create an adequate study environment without distractions ... All these tips add up so that we arrive at the moment of demonstrating our work in the most optimal way and better prepared.

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