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Now, thereís more to it than just tempo and synchronized neuron-firing There are 134 replies:
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Now, thereís more to it than just tempo and synchronized neuron-firing Original post: Sat 2/15/2020 at 7:09 AM

but thatís a part of it. The other big part of it is that music is somehow uniquely able to access the emotional centers of our brain and this causes a release of certain neurochemicals. Weíve now seen a great deal of evidence that when people listen to music they like, regardless of whether itís faster, slower, happy, or sad - just music they like but they find pleasurable - dopamine is released. This is the so-called ìfeel-good hormone,î and it washes over the brain and it allows people to feel a sense of pleasure and happiness. Douglas Goldstein: Would you suggest that people keep music that they like on in the background throughout the day? Daniel J. Levitin: Itís not as clear that the benefits come from music when itís in the background. What weíve seen is that it comes from focus listening. Iím not aware of any studies that show that background music has the same effect. Iím not saying it doesnít. I just donít know about any studies that show it. Douglas Goldstein: Are there practical implications that you can derive from this? Daniel J. Levitin: Right now, weíre at the early stages of the research. One practical thing might be music therapy. Weíre beginning to see that music thatís pleasurable to the listener and is chosen by the listener and not imposed on the listener can affect things like pain threshold and recovery times in the operating room and really can help with overall mood. People listening to music report that theyíve obtained more stable moods. Douglas Goldstein: Could you talk about how the music industry has changed and where itís heading? Daniel J. Levitin: When I was in the music industry, there were 16 to 20 major record labels in Europe and North America, and now there are three.

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