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4 Lesser-Known Google Search Tips: There are 0 replies:
4 Lesser-Known Google Search Tips: Original post: Tue 2/4/2020 at 3:49 AM

In an article in The Times (London), Media studies professor Tara Brabazon snapped at students’ dependence on Google stating that Google is the “white bread for the mind”. According to her, “white bread” generation of Internet users largely rely on easy and quick to access information on Google; thus, gradually losing their prowess to assess information they find on the web. Well, but are students the only online users vulnerable to “white bread for the mind”? Not really. From professionals, business users, sellers, advertisers, consumers and people irrespective of different professions, individual needs and preferences resort to Google in order to search of information, instinctively.


Whether searching for an address, looking for a used copier for our new startup, crèche or babysitters in our vicinity or any other thing under the sun – we have gradually fashioned and narrowed down our search pursuits to quickly typing in the search box on Google and press ‘Enter’. But, most of us are still using Google in its simplest form – keying in a search phrase or a word and keep on changing the search phrases till we get the desired results. If you want to hone your Google Search skills to dig out more information, then following search tips will guide you to search like an expert.


Searching information on or related to a site


Are you searching for information within or related to a specific website? It is fairly simple. Try following two tricks when you want to Google Search in and around some specific website.


Searching around a specific word or removing a word from the search


Do you want to use or exclude some words from your Google Search process? For example, if you are looking for details on a particular object or place, or anything other than a specific object, then simply use plus or minus sign in your search query. So, if you are looking for takeaway food in New York City minus oriental cuisine then, simply type:


“takeaways in nyc –chinese”


Likewise, if you want to include a search item in your search query, then simply add “+” sign and the search term with your search query.  


 Use Google Search as a calculator


Why do you take the hassle of reaching for calculator device, calculator on your mobile or on your computer, when you can instantly calculate on Google? Instead of opening a calculator application, type in the math equation in the Google search box and let it show you the answer for you. Google also accepts numbers in brackets required for complicated calculation.


Google Search with images


Have you been searching for images on Google? Well, you can simply search by an image when you are searching for information, similar images or full size images on a subject. Drag an image to the Google Image Search bar and click the camera button. And Google will extract similar images, smaller and larger sizes of the image and also the website location of the image, Voila! Isn’t it? As soon as you drag an image, you will find search term related to the image and find information in the Google Search result page.


Not only these, there are more things you can search and find using Google. You can look for


  1. Population: by typing “population name of the region”
  2. Stocks: by typing in name of the stocks such as “goog”
  3. Sunrise: by typing “sunrise” location and
  4. Sunset: by typing in “sunset” location e.g., sunset/sunrise NYC
  5. Time: by typing “time” name of the location e.g., time NYC
  6. Translate: by typing “translate” phrase or a word “name of the language”

Do you find this information useful? Have you tried these tricks before? Post and share your Google Search tricks below.

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