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web hosting and domain names Original post: Wed 9/2/2020 at 6:06 PM

The most important thing is to define what you need. Are you a new blogger that needs something cheap and easy? Are you a more seasoned blogger that is looking for a fast and secure hosting service? Are you uploading a lot of heavy content like HD videos? Do you want to run multiple webpages?

The questions are many and in the end of the day, only you can define the best web hosting service for you and your needs.

If you are just starting your webpage or blog I would recommend one of the following cheap vps hosting services. They are all cheap services that give you value for your money.

  1. Bluehost
    For starters, I think this is the no.1 web hosting service. For as low as $3.95/month you get a cheap and user-friendly service that provides with all the features that are needed as a beginner, such as 50 GB SSD storage, SSL certificate, and one free domain.
    Customer support is amazing which is of great importance when you are just starting a website or blog with all the technical issues that you may run into.
  2. Hostinger
    Another great hosting service very similar to Bluehost. It’s even a bit cheaper. For as low as $2.89/month you will get more or less the same as with Bluehost.
    In my world Bluehost still scores some extra points due to their slightly better customer support and flexibility with their plans. With Hostinger you have to pay upfront for 2–3 years in order to get the low prices (compared to only 1 year with Bluehost).
  3. Hostgator
    Last but not least, Hostgator is also another great service. Again, for as low as $2.75/month you will get a great hosting service with all you need as a beginner.
    Honestly, this service comes in as no. 3 in the list due to the simple fact that I have less practical experience with it (at least for now).
    But from what I do know, you will not go wrong with this service either.

My best advice is, go to their websites, check out the content and features.

Don’t go too much into detail with each of the plans. You will just become confused and it will feel like a marathon to choose a hosting service. It should be simple.

For a starter, you will not go wrong with any of the basic plans of the hosting services mentioned above. Collecting cheap dedicated servers and vps hosting promo codes and coupons, as well as the vps hosting reviews and tutorials -

When you go to a website like "Google " or "", there are two main aspects to it:

Website = domain name ( + hosting (on a server)

So, understand that domain name is different and hosting is different.

You can buy domain name from many places like GoDaddy, Google Domains etc.

Note that you can just buy domain name and choose not to host it, in which case you will just own the "domain name" which points to nowhere. In this scenario, your intention might be to hold the name for future usage purpose or to re-sell it for profit. Domain names can be re-sold for a profit in the secondary/bidding market (GoDaddy, Flippa, eBay, Sedo etc.) - lot of investors do that

When you buy domain name and read the Namsilo reviews here, vendors also sell you add-on services like privacy, security etc. Vendors also offer 1st year promotions (may be like $0.99) and from next year onwards your fee may go up significantly.

You can also buy domain name from one place (like: GoDaddy) and host it another place (Ex: Google Cloud or AWS etc.)

You can purchase domain name for 1-yr, 3-yr, or 5-years, depending on your scenario. I personally like Google Domains as it offers flat rate of $12/year and it includes privacy. You need to renew your domains every year, otherwise the domain name expires and is up for grabs by anyone else in the market.

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