Reporting Templates

Use this template for your General Education reports. 

(.docx, 61K)

(Note: This form replaces the previous MAJOR AREA ASSESSMENT template and the previous Discipline Review Template).

Use this template to report on the assessment of student learning within your discipline's upper division courses.  The fields should expand to accommodate your typing.  If you have any difficulty with the form, please let me know.

Contact the director of assessment with any questions.

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Use this template to create a visual representation of your major area assessment plan, charted against the courses that serve it. 

Type the assessment goal information in each appropriate field on the y-axis, then fill in your courses on the x-axis, denoting which courses assess which goals.

(.docx, 26K)
 This file is offered to you as an example of how assessment data can be accumulated, analyzed, and graphically presented.  It is actually in use by the Modern Languages Department and is sent to all part-time instructors for utilization in their assessment reports.   Thanks go to Prof. Tatiana Ripoll-Paez for sharing this!  
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Assessment Protocols

If you are new to assessment, or simply want a refresher,  this article is MUST READING.
(.doc, 29K)

A handy guideline sheet on incorporating assessment goals and outcomes into courses

(.pdf, 50K)
This useful chart explains learning goals and outcomes using Bloom's taxonomy and levels of cognition.
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General Education and Rosemont--Information and Guides

This file shows which General Education outcomes are most widely shared across AAC&U institutions.  One can compare our Gen Ed competency areas to those on this list to see how we "stack up" with the educational goals of other institutions.
(.pdf, 55K)
A graphic representation of Rosemont's General Education structure, as recently amended  by Curriculum Committee and general faculty approval. 
This pyramid may need to be restructured once decisions are made regarding reshaping the General Education program (2019)
(.pdf, 159K)

This file is a visual representation of how the General Education skills are reassessed in the capstone projects within majors.   It has been updated to show recent curricular changes, but is still in under revision.

(.xlsx, 11K)

Informative Articles and Faculty Meeting Presentations

This power point presentation was given at a Faculty Professional Development lunch on February 10, 2016.    It describes Competency based Assessment and compares it to our present assessment scheme, postulating strengths and weaknesses of each.   


(.pptx, 110K)
This article from NILOA (National Institutes for Learning Outcomes Assessment) explains what the new "Degree Qualifications Profile" entails, and what it might mean for assessment.   It offers a completely different way of looking outcomes assessment -- basing student learning against mastery of competencies rather than a "pass this course" approach.    
(.pdf, 1311K)
Linda Suskie, one of the most prominent names in assessment in recent years, created this power point presentation for the recent AICUP conference.   It contains a succinct explanation of the why's and what's and how's of assessment.  
(.ppt, 1353K)
This article, written by Professor Andrew Fort, summarizes the angst many of us may feel about assessment, and discusses what one person did to overcome that angst. 
(.mht, 763K)
The power point from the faculty presentation on the structure of GenEd assessment.
(.ppt, 35K)
Notes from the Provost's presentation on GenEd at the faculty meeting.
(.docx, 21K)
Powerpoint slides from the Division Meeting.
(.ppt, 431K)

Contains hints on good practices for General Education assessment.

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