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The Online Faculty Group has moved to Epsilen

The new instructional environment in Epsilen is very different from the LMS, so this LMS-based group is now defunct.  Thank you for participating, and I look forward to your contributions to the new Epsilen Faculty Group. 

For All Faculty New to Online Teaching

Dear Faculty,
Thank you for your interest in becoming an online instructor.  Please take the following steps:
1.  Review the slides from Cathie Coleman Dickson's presentation on Pedagogy of Online Learning, attached here.
2.  You have been signed up as an instructor in a test course, which you will find in "my courses".  The course is an outline of an online course in the Jenzabar Learning Management System (LMS).  Spend some time in the course, just finding your way around the various portals.  Feel free to post materials in the course and experiment with how it works.
3.  For help with each page, look for the tiny ? and wrench icons on each page/portlet.  They will tell you what the page is for and how it works.
4.  Post your comments and questions here in the forum when you have had a chance to work in the test course.
5.  Let me know when you feel ready to teach your first online course. 
P.s.:  Check out the posting here in this group for Intermediate online instructors.  That slide show goes into detail on how each of the portals works.
There are 10 members of this Group (1 Leader, 9 Member).