Archived GenEd Core rubrics

NOTE:  A general review of all General Education rubrics is underway (2015-16).   The rubrics listed here are to be used until such time as the faculty approves new or revised rubrics.  

Archived GenEd Developing the Core rubrics

Please note that reporting on the student learning rubrics governing the Divisional requirement (Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences) have been put on hiatus until further notice.   However, courses that fulfill division requirements MUST still use the ancillary general education rubric in their coursework and report their assessment results at the end of each semester. 

VALUE Rubrics

      The following are the finalized versions of the VALUE rubrics created under the aegis of the AAC&U.   Only the ones with direct relevance to Rosemont's General Education program are listed here.   You may benefit from reading other rubrics as well, such as the ones on "teamwork" or "integrative learning."    You can find all fifteen at