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LMS Notes by Marie Bynum Original post: Sun 12/28/2008 at 11:25 PM
  LMS Notes by Marie Bynum

I have been teaching online courses for Rosemont since the beginning of the program and I found this training program extremely helpful. Here are a few of my thoughts, questions and comments:

1.      The Jenzabar platform is better than I expected it to be, but I really miss the internal email system. I am the one that sent out the test email to everyone (sorry, but I was “messing around” with the test system). I know the system can send out messages from class to the Rosemont email system, but I would still like to see Jenzabar develop a completely internal email system (so that student’s can’t say they forgot to check their Rosemont email address or that the Rosemont system is over capacity).   I currently use the “announcement” function to communicate class updates (and outside email when necessary).

2.  I am interested in improving my discussion board quality and read over that section very carefully in the presentation. I would find it very helpful to be able to view an example of a high quality discussion (or collaboration) board in action. Is there an easy way for me to view another course (even briefly)? Is anyone else interested in being able to do this?

3.  Rosemont’s undergraduate business research class is based upon submitting drafts of segments of their final paper, receiving comments from the facilitator and then submitting final versions. Perhaps we could build this process into some of the final papers for online classes. This would create a building process with feedback and it would ensure that students are working on their final papers throughout the class.  I also like Robert Obringer’s suggestion of using this method for the first class assignment (so students can see what we are looking for). 

4.  I was wondering what the school’s thoughts are towards adding pictures in the allotted spots in Jenzabar.  I have not done this to date, but I think it might make the classes feel warmer as we get to know each other online.   This is minor issue, but it might be fun to think about. There is room to personalize the system in different places (for example, I add a Rosemont logo to the home page).

5.  I would like to double check whether the grading points are now the same for the graduate and undergraduate programs. One slide in this training program shows this to be true, but I recall checking this earlier this year and I understood that the graduate scale was still more conservative than the undergraduate scale.

I think I need to stop typing now! I would appreciate any comments or answers. Thanks and Happy New Year.

Marie Bynum

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Dogecoin price prediction from 2021 to 2025

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What Makes Dogecoin Special?

Dogecoin advocates have devoted years increasing its own profile page,but it was actually not up until the Gamestop legend that it arrived amongst the public.Later,Tesla CEO Elon Musk promoted it on his Twitter several times,each opportunity getting the cost of Dogecoin greater.The day when Musk tweeted a photo of"Dog Barking at the Moon"along with the subtitle"Doge barking at the Moon",the price of Dogecoin increased 50%.

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How Is Actually Dogecoin Created?

Dogecoin works on blockchain technology.By validating transactions,nodules will get complimentary Doge as benefits as well as these nodes are contacted Dogecoin miners.

Dogecoin Price History Recap

Dogecoin possesses a past of virtually a years.Like a lot of cryptocurrencies,it had actually been actually trading relatively standard before the 2017 crypto upsurge.Even with ups and also downs,Dogecoin brought in more interest and shut at$0.004 at the end of 2020.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2021

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dogecoin rate prediction

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2022-2023

The cryptocurrency market is actually an intermittent one.From the macro point of view,the U.S.authorities might start to boost rates of interest as the economic situation bounces back from the pandemic.Quantitative tightening could possibly prompt capitalists to squander and generate a bear stage.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2025 And Beyond

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Final thought

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Why choose to study in China universities?

With the growing strength of China and the increasing number of students studying in China,“Study in China”is becoming a new brand of studying abroad.

According to the statistics released on the website of the Ministry of education,in 2018,492185 foreign students of various types from 196 countries and regions studied in 1004 colleges and universities in 31 provinces(autonomous regions and municipalities),and China continues to maintain its position as Asia’s largest destination for overseas students.

At the same time,the professional structure of international students is constantly optimized.The number of students studying engineering,management,science,art,and agriculture has increased significantly,with a year-on-year increase of more than 20%,which shows that the professional education of natural sciences in China is becoming more and more attractive.


Why do so many people choose to study in China?

Do you really know China?

Is it really suitable for you to study in China?

Maybe there are 10 reasons tell you why?

1,1,000+Institutions With More Than 10,000 Courses To Select

2,Various Scholarships And Grants

3,An Education Power With High-Quality and development speed

4,Reasonable Cost,20%-50%lower than most other countries

5,Vibrant Social Environment And Amicable Atmosphere

6,5,000 Years Of History And Diversified Culture

7,Modern And Convenient Way Of Life

8,Broad Career Future And Numerous Internship Opportunities

9,One Of The Safest Countries In The World

10,Spectacular Natural Scenery And Delicious Chinese Cuisine

If you want to know more about China universities and China scholarships.

I will recommend you this article:Why choose China?

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