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LMS Training Review Original post: Fri 1/9/2009 at 9:23 AM

Having taught online courses, both graduate and undergraduate, through WebCT and iWay for seven years now, I am familiar posting a syllabus, communicating with my students through forums, posting weekly assignments as well as adding enhanced final project/paper instructions, file exchanges, downloading files and grading criteria. I have always used ‘track changes’ to give feedback to my students on all assignments then re-uploaded the student’s work (with my feedback) back on iWay. I have utilized handouts, participation grading standards, and enter my final grades as mentioned utilizing the Faculty tab. I also follow up with the Registrar’s Office to ensure that they have received my grades.

The training reinforced the areas within I-Way that I use to help my students be successful in their courses.

I totally agree with other faculty members’ postings that the system times-out much too quickly.  My only other concern is I would think our graduate students would know how to upload/download files (homework) into the coursework pages. With every class I consistently have one or two students who do not understand the system and I need to spend extra time getting them up to speed.

No other objections…it’s a good, perhaps not great, system that will continue to need tweaking as we move forward technologically.
Cathie Coleman-Dickson, MBA
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