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LMS Notes [DELETED] Original post: Mon 11/17/2008 at 11:40 AM
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Re: LMS Notes Posted: Tue 12/2/2008 at 9:51 AM, in reply to Elizabeth Nevin McElroy
Having the opportunity in the past to facilitate a few courses on-line on the Derxel web-ct platform, I find that the jenzibar (iway) is a very user friendly system. One area that could use some tweaking is the colloboration forum to facilitate file exchange and grading, where you can easily assign a grade for participation and submission. File exchange only occur in the assignment portion of the portal..
Overall, the on-line learning tools on the iway are very functional in terms of direction and fundamental structure of courses and timeline.
Mike Dawkins 
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Re: LMS Notes Posted: Sat 1/3/2009 at 1:35 PM, in reply to Michael L. Dawkins
Mike- I agree that having an easier way to drop grades in for forum/collaboration work and participation would be a bonus.   I currently create an offline assignment and mark it as "homework" and then review each forum and search by student.  It is not THAT time consuming, but I do recall that WebCT had a process where you could pick up the # of posts.  
My grading is simple- I assign one point per forum and if the students posts their original response AND replies to the posts of at least two others, the full point is earned.  If the student neglects to post at all, but replies to others..I award .5 point- similarly, if they post their own but don't reply to others, I award .5.    I try to be clear from the beginning about the expectation to post the first response by the week's mid point to avoid cramming responses in the last day.    It's worked to be clear and then grade the forum immediately after it concludes so that students see that their contributions are measured and valued.
Deleted Message Posted: Mon 12/22/2008 at 2:24 PM, in reply to Elizabeth Nevin McElroy
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Re: LMS Notes Posted: Mon 12/22/2008 at 2:40 PM, in reply to Elizabeth Nevin McElroy
I have also taught two on line courses using the LMS system. I am also currently building a course using the Blackboard system at another college. I find the LMS system easy to use and intuitive. Students have found it very helpful that I supply downloadable instructions for every session. The students tend to download all of them right away along with a downloadable copy of the syllabus and print them so they can get reading and some projects done without being in from of the computer. I teach computer graphics so I use the "file exchange" a great deal. I also have the students post their work in Forums so they can see each others art work and discuss it. I love to add bookmarks for the students that pertain to the chapter they are reading or the subject of the project they are working on. I also invite them to share a good sight with us and I get emails from former students all the time sending me great sights. Here is a recent one you might all enjoy being word people:

What I miss in the LMS system that I have found in the Blackboard system is the ability to see how much time a student is logging on. I can also see in "Student View" when I am building my class so I can take the tests and click on the links and proof the whole class better.

From reading the training material I would like to add groups in the forums and I think this would lend itself well to my subject matter.
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