International Club

Welcome to Rosemont College's International Club on the iWay!

We are a student- run organization that provides awareness of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds from all around the world.

The members and officers of the club are longstanding members of all different races, nationalities and religions. ALL are welcome to join and take part in our activities.

During the year, the executive board plan various cultural events ranging from different cultural films (Bollywood, documentary, and so forth), we plan events that serves as both educational and social for people to come and explore other ethnicities around (Henna Night, What it is and the purpose), attending cultural shows, and trying different food, music, and dances from all around.
Every spring semester the club hosts the Multicultural Show which is widely attended by Rosemont students and staffs. The event is generally free for students and it always proves to be a showstopper. There is a fashion show, many cultural dances, songs, poem readings, and great music.

While the show is the club's biggest event of the year, the club also manages to give back to the community. In fact, the proceeds from the suggested donations from the show go towards a charity selected by the club.
As with any clubs, joining the International Club offers many benefits. It gives you a chance to explore and discover new traditions and customs of different groups of people from all corners. Also, it looks GREAT on your college resume indicating your exposure to diverse people and your ability to work with them...Learning never stops. Members experience new challenges, such as putting on saris or eating different foods.
Executive Board 2010-2011:
President:  Jodie Chan
Vice President: Merlyn Mathew
Secretary: Vania Vargas
Treasurer: Clarissa Ventus

Meet the Executive Board!

Executive Board 2010-2011
L to R: Clarissa Ventus, Merlyn Mathew, Vania Vargas, Jodie Chan

Picture of the Month

Both of our henna nights were successful!
A big thanks to all who participated and thanks to the henna designers and the Exec Board for the planning of the event.
Another henna night for the spring semester is being planned. Stay tuned!
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Places in Philly

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A link to all of the campus-friendly, college student-focused events in the Philadelphia area!
Please visit this site if you and your friend want to attend a fun event in the Philadelphia area. There are cultural event listings every month and you can search what type of event (includinf outdoor, musical,etc.) you'd like to attend.
  Enjoy the worlds of different cultures!


Come support Villanova SAMOSA's show Kahani: A Love Story
Tickets : $10 (includes at the door)
Doors open at 5 PM, show starts @ 6PM
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