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Rosemont College's Pre Health Club

Rosemont College's Pre Health Club is a student-run organization designed to serve the pre health student community. The club aims to help students in their education, career opportunities, and bring new experiences to their collegiate careers. Members are usually students interested in becoming physicians, physician assistants, nurses, therapists, nutrionists, dieticians, dentists, and so much more.
Please use this website to check for weekly updates on the Pre Health Club's meeting dates, notes, annoucements, and future plans. Thank you.
Pre Health Executive Board 2010-2011
Co-Presidents:  Merlyn Mathew, Winifred Wolfe
Vice President:  Pooja Jaisinghani
Secretary/Treasurer:  Aimen Khaliq

Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any concerns, ideas, or suggestions. See you at the meetings!
All correspondence to the club should be sent to:
For further assistance, contact Pre Health Club Officers:
Merlyn Mathew
Winifred Wolfe
Pooja Jaisinghani
Aimen Khaliq

Photo of the Month!

Pre Health Participants at the CPR/AED certification course!
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CPR Information

Tentative Date: October 24 (Sunday) @ 1 PM
 Unfortunately due to Family Weekend, we cannot have the event on Saturday Oct. 2 so we have to reschedule (as of now mark Oct 24!!)

List: Moses, Zehra, Latifah, Jeena, Jeffy, Michael McDevitt, Hizamar, Annie, Byron, Shelia Alonzo, Winnie, Pooja, Aimen, Merlyn, John Michael,Cong, Megan, Erinn, Kristina,
Price: $35 (discount) - The above mentioned people signed up early to the email last week and therefore are the only ones receiving the discount.
If you still want to sign up, you may, but you must pay the full $69 (Julia, Hailey, Michael Greico, Courtney, Karis, Jodie Chan signed up during meeting/emailed later)
****PAYMENT DUE:  No later than Monday, October 4th!!!! Officers will be sitting at lunch in Cardinal on thursday (9/30) and friday (10/1) to collect money, or drop off your payment at Merlyn's mailbox, 267.  Anyone eligible for the discounted price will automatically lose their eligibility if they do not hand in the $35 by this date- there are a lot of people on the waiting list.

Upcoming Events

     Rosemont Pre Health will collaborate with International Club to walk as a team on Sunday, October 17th, at 9:30AM at the Philadelphia Art Museum.   Anyone interested MUST REGISTER at this link and join the "Rosemont College" team, code: 0184.  Our goal is $45 per person, and a $20 gift certificate to gamestop for the person who raises the most. We are also having a bake sale to raise money.  Anyone who participates with get a share of the donations raised. 
On January 15 (tentative), we will learn how to suture on bananas and hopefully enjoy some banana splits afterwards.

    The annual Annenberg Science Symposium is a forum for high school students to give presentations on various medically related topics.  The kick-off event on DECEMBER 3rd includes a lecture from Dr. Barry Mann at Lankenau Hospital.  Following the lecture, Rosemont Pre-Health Students and various high school groups are invited to witness a live laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.  Students will be able to converse with the attending surgeon during the procedure and enjoy some tasty refreshments. Contact officers if interested. Hope to see you all there!


Science / Medical Documentaries

Check it out for some awesome, informational medical/ science related documentaries on Hulu!
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