If a situation arises on or around campus, including weather-related events, that could potentially threaten the health or safety of Rosemont community members, senior administrators of the College and members of Public Safety are immediately summoned as part of Rosemont's crisis response procedure. This group determines the appropriate actions to be taken, using Rosemont College's Emergency Preparedness Plan as its basis and guideline.
Campus advisory action may include:
  • Deployment of Public Safety officers
  • Engagement of law enforcement officials, if appropriate
  • Cancellation of classes
  • Patrol of the campus perimeter
  • Closing of roads and entrances onto campus
  • Lockdown of campus buildings and residence halls
  • Evacuation of campus buildings and residence halls


In the event of a Campus Advisory, an effective College-wide communications process is vital in order to provide the greatest safety possible for our students, faculty, and staff.

We will use all available means of communications in a Campus Advisory situation, including text messaging via E2Campus, telephone, the Web site, iWay, and e-mail. The College will also implement on-site personal contacts by utilizing Public Safety officers and other College staff and officials.

The communications tools may include:

Rosemont Web Site, www.rosemont.edu
Critical information is posted on the College's home page and may be viewed both internally (students, faculty, and staff) and externally (parents, alumni, and other constituents)
Broadcast e-mails are sent to Rosemont students, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni, if appropriate.
Relevant information may be posted on the College's internal iWay portal.
Broadcast voice mails are sent to faculty, staff, and can be accessed both on and off campus through their individual voicemail; emergency phones are installed in all residence halls and are operational for campus calling, 800 number calling, 911 emergency and contacting Public Safety directly.
Information is also recorded on the Rosemont College main telephone number 610-527-0200; this information is accessible from on or off campus to any constituent, including parents.
Important emergency alerts, notifications and updates are sent to all registered devices, including cell phone (via SMS/texting); email account (work, home, other); smartphone/PDA (BlackBerry, Treo & and other handhelds); pager
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