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Upcoming Academic Information

The Spring 2017 Final Exam schedule for the Undergraduate College is available.  The schedule is subject to changes and in the event of a change, the affected students will be notified.

Final Exam Information

Seniors will have all final exams scheduled in the first two days of exams.  Senior final grades are due to the Registrar's Office by Saturday, May 6th from Faculty.

While most students will not experience a time conflict for exams, should you have two exams scheduled concurrently, please contact the individual instructors to resolve the issue.

Students are not expected to take more than two (2) final exams in a 24 hour period. Students who find they are scheduled to take more than 2 exams in 24 hours should see the individual instructors to arrange for an alternate time. 

If your conflict cannot be resolved by speaking to the individual instructors, go to the Academic Dean’s Office to arrange for an alternate time and day for one of your exams.

Please note, classes meeting for a culminating learning experience rather than an exam will not be counted in a student’s request to move an exam.