A lockdown of building(s) on campus is an emergency procedure intended to secure and protect the Rosemont community from an immediate threat of violence or harm. An immediate threat of violence MAY include, but is not limited to, active shooter on campus, a person near campus with a weapon, or significant law enforcement action in the area adjacent to campus. This action might be necessary when an evacuation would not be appropriate.

Lockdown Procedures:

  • Try to remain calm;
  • Remain indoors, e.g. your office or classroom. You are not allowed to leave the building unless an all clear has been sounded;
  • If not in your typical surroundings proceed to a room that can be locked;
  • Close and lock all doors. If it is not possible to lock the doors, place furniture and equipment in front of them to barricade them. Some doors open out into the corridor. In this situation, use whatever means possible to try to restrict entry to the room, including placing furniture and equipment in front of the door, or using a belt or other item to tie the door handle to something stable.
  • Turn off all lights;
  • Occupants should be seated below window level, toward the middle of a room away from windows and doors;
  • Remain silent;
  • Turn off all radios or other devices that emit sound;
  • Silence cell phones;
  • If gunshots are heard lay on the floor using heavy objects, e.g. tables, filing cabinets for shelter;
  • If safe to do so, turn off gas and electric appliances, e.g. heater, fan, coffee maker, gas valves, lights and locally controlled ventilation systems, e.g. air conditioner.
  • Use phones only for emergency notification to 911 or X2555 (Public Safety)
  • Do not shelter in open areas such as hallways or corridors. Go to the nearest classroom, lecture hall or auditorium that can be locked.
  • If outdoors seek nearby shelter, e.g. large trees, walls, mail boxes, and wait for additional instructions from the Public Safety or the Police.