Safety at Work
  • If you’re working late, let someone know where you are and how long you expect to be; or better yet, plan in advance to have a co-worker stay with you.
  • Keep your purse or wallet locked in a drawer or filing cabinet at all times.
  • Politely ask strangers who they are visiting and offer to help find the person; if you are suspicious of the person contact Public Safety or the Police.
  • Check the identification of any maintenance or repair personnel.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers posted near your phone.
  • Know your office emergency evacuation plan.
  • If possible, employees should wear IDs.
  • Be cautious if using restrooms, elevators or stairwells that are isolated or poorly lit; or go with a friend.
  • Keep money, check books, or other valuable items out of sight.
  • Report any suspicious, threatening or alarming behavior of others to your supervisor or Public Safety/Police immediately.

Office equipment

  • Record the serial numbers, brand names and descriptions of property or valuables that are kept in your office. Keep a duplicate copy of this information and a photo of the item at another location. It can be used later to recover stolen property.
  • Insure that all university property is properly engraved; for personal items, engrave your driver's license number and home state on the item.
  • Ask strangers in your office to identify themselves.